PCF & ACE response to Black Lives Matter – a message from ACE and PCF Chairs

June 18 2020

The Public Chairs’ Forum and Association of Chief Executives stand beside our Black colleagues. While not all of us share their lived experience, we have watched and listened and we recognise that this could be an opportunity for real change.  We can play a part in advocating for a better future. 

We know that PCF and ACE can do more to address systematic racism.  We can look at it in terms of driving change within our organisations and we can look at it in terms of how our members exercise their public functions.  And we recognise that it is our role to support members to lead on this journey.  The purpose of ACE and PCF is to bring people together to solve problems and to learn and develop.  We commit to placing at the heart of those efforts the questions raised by Black Lives Matter.

Our commitment is:
• Broadening our list of invitees to events and actively listening to more voices in our discussions;
• For ACE colleagues, a diversity and inclusion working group, meeting quarterly throughout the year;
• For PCF colleagues, research into improving diversity of public appointments;
• Diversity mentoring opportunities;
• At least one event on diversity and inclusion in each calendar year.

It is time for us to listen and reflect. We can do better, we must do better, and we will.

Nicola Williams, an ACE board member, has kindly shared her personal blog providing her own reflections.

David Ereira OBE, Chair of Public Chairs’ Forum
Rebecca Hilsenrath, Chair of Association of Chief Executives

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